The new Fuego LT series of spinning reels, state of the art fishing tools that define Daiwa’s commitment to the LT Concept of lighter, tougher material. With conventional, heavier spinning reels, long hours of casting and retrieving can fatigue the arms and hands.The Fuego LT housing is light but sturdy constructed from a Carbon based material. The innovative Magsealed main shaft delivers butter smooth performance while preventing water or dirt intrusion. The technology uses a Mag Oil that can be magnetically solidified similar to a packing on a boat’s propeller shaft. Oil smooth operation as well as a water and impurities barrier makes the design and function unparalleled.  




Carbon Light Material Housing - LT Concept




Machined Aluminum Screw-In Handle



Available in sizes from 1000 to 6000


1000 2000 2500 is I-SHAPE HANDLE KNOB


​3000 4000 5000 6000 is T-SHAPE HANDLE KNOB

18 Original DAIWA FUEGO LT 1000DXH 2000D 2500 3000CXH 4000DCXH 5000DCXH Spinning